Donkey Calf Raise. Partner assisted. After Christmas dinner entertainment?

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Here we have the donkey calf raise.  In this case, the calves could well be called cows.

  •  To ensure back safety, tie a piece of string tightly around the midriff – the piece may be depressingly long post Christmas blow-out – and draw the waist inwards, keeping the string loose throughout the exercise.  The ab contraction will be felt in the low area and not over the stomach.  Breathing will be easy.
  • As a bonus, if that string is properly loose, the pelvic floor will lift.  Enough.
  • The person doing the sitting must sit over the hips and not in the middle of the back.
  • If the person doing the sitting leans forwards, this reduces their weight – for the person doing the exercise, not the person doing the sitting, sadly.  It also has the unfortunate effect of making the exercise look rather more pornographic.
  • The foot position effects the outcome of the exercise.  For most of us, we want to turn the toes out.  If the exercise is being done seriously – of course it will be – then start with the toes pointing forwards.  Then change foot angle to ensure all fibres are exercised.

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