Guest Blog: Help Heal Cancer by Making Fitness Fun

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By David Hass, Mesothelioma Cancer Institute:

Dealing with cancer at any stage can be overwhelming. When initially diagnosed with any form of cancer, most people begin to wonder about what lies ahead. Some may be attending their first treatment for mesothelioma cancer, fearful of the side effects. There are others who are in remission from breast or prostate cancer. Each day they live trying to remain faithful in their body’s ability to remain cancer free. It doesn’t matter what stage or phase a person is at with regards to their cancer, there is something anyone can do to help himself or herself get or stay healthy.

Finding ways to regularly incorporate fitness into their life routine is a good idea for any person affected by cancer. Fitness may not be a cure for cancer, but it does at least add strength to the war against it. Exercising helps keep the body strong, which is important since treatment for mesothelioma cancer or any other form of cancer can weaken the body as it works to heal it. In addition to helping add physical strength, exercising also helps to keep the mind strong and the thoughts positive.

Sometimes fitting in fitness is easier when it is interesting and engaging. Not only will the time fly by, but it won’t really feel like exercise.

Here are some ideas of ways to fit in fitness that will be more fun than work:

Scenic Walks

All it takes is a little bit of research and anyone can find a list of parks in their area to go for a walk. Many have wooded trails which will provide a challenging terrain as well as a chance to reconnect with nature. As the body moves the mind is able to wander up through tree branches, down into hidden streams and back up again. Even if it’s not the park, a brisk walk around the neighborhood each day will suffice to help keep the body strong and fit.

Martial Arts

Tai Chi, Jujitsu, Karate or any other martial art could become a welcomed distraction for someone to go and do immediately after being diagnosed with cancer or even if they recently had surgery for mesothelioma cancer. Focusing on learning a particular martial art will certainly benefit a person’s physical fitness; it will likely be beneficial mentally as well.

Go for a Swim

Depending on where a person lives and what the climate is like, swimming could be an indoor and outdoor option all year long. The good news is that no matter where someone lives, there will be an indoor swimming facility within driving distance. The Local YMCA is typically a good place to start for anyone unsure of where to find a place to swim. For those who need to learn to swim before striking out on their own for an invigorating swim, find a location that offers lessons. Swimming is another exercise that is excellent for the overall fitness.

Making fitness fun is a great way to remain active and stay positive while dealing with cancer.

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