How to lose weight fast. Pictorially.

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All these animals eat grass.  Notice the size of their tummies.














None of these animals should eat grass.  Notice the size of their tummies.


This animal definitely does not eat grass.

Notice the size of its tummy.

 Here is an illustration the of the guts of various animals.  See how the humans is slimmer and simpler.

Spot the difference between these grasses.  Which is what?

Variously grass, wheat or oats.  All grasses are hard to digest.  Animals that have evolved to eat them have larger digestive systems than we have – and this is why they have bigger guts than we have.  Our clever brains worked out how to develop grasses into something that we can digest with a struggle – and when we first evolved these grasses, we soaked them, fermented them and cooked them well before attempting to eat them.  Now we stuff down the wheat with minimal preparation time from plant to pot and wonder why we feel fat and dreadful after eating it, putting the blame on getting older or not getting enough sleep.

If you stop eating wheat, you will lose weight within 4 days.  And feel much, much better.  There are two previous blogs on wheat, a short one that covers the main points in more detail and also goes into lectins.  The original longer one goes into greater detail overall with particular emphasis on the addictive qualities of wheat.

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