How to skip/jump rope.

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Learning how to skip or jump rope offers excellent possibilities of working out in a small space.  So we can skip if we are unable to leave the house – because we are looking after small children or an elderly relative, for example.  Or we can skip if away on business or holiday – no need for fancy clothes, gear or working out a running route.  After all, a rope is small and light, so easily packed.

At the end of end of the video, Paul Scianna tells us how to find the right length for the rope:  put one foot on the rope and pull the rope taut, with the elbows tucked into the sides.  If the length is good, the forearms will be just above parallel to the floor.

As can be seen in the video, we start by just swinging the rope in a circle beside us, listening to the beat as it hits the floor and timing our little jumps to that beat.  And then we progress to actually jumping the rope.  So even if we find skipping difficult, a workout will be had springing up and down, attempting to find that beat.  Keep relaxing, keep the body upright and the feet close to each other.  Also feel the toes spreading out and picture the feet as resilient springs – which they are.  As Paul says, it isn’t the height that matters, more the light springiness.

Start with a short workout to avoid too much stiffness in the calves!  So a few minutes will do.  Short workouts are extremely effective, so do not worry about not going for hours.  (Click on the link for effective ways of stretching the calves.)

I have been fiddling about with a bit of skipping since suggesting this idea – and recommend wearing shoes whilst skipping – unless an expert.  If in bare feet, the rope stings like billy-oh if we mis-skip.  It made my legs go all tight with fear of the next sting.  Hopeless.

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  1. Michelle Rhodes 2012-06-2

    Skipping no longer for girls – absolutly…. enjoyed the clips.
    Going to burn fat and keep up the momentus while on holiday, most peoples baggage allowance would accomodate a rope.
    Show you some tricks when I get back.


    • Clare Harding 2012-06-3

      It is Michelle who inspired me to suggest skipping as an exercise of the week. She once trained in a boxer’s gym and she skips with great ease. At one time I skipped regularly and it did get much better. I am looking forwards to seeing her tricks when she gets back from her holidays. Given how easy she makes it look now, then my jaw is preparing itself to drop.


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