Quick De-stress No 8

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In her CD, ” Which You Are You?”, Pat Williams tells the story of visiting an American friend on halloween.  Her 8 year old daughter was screeching around the house in a frenzy.  Pat’s friend asked her daughter to go upstairs and get something for her.  Apparently the child did not hear her, but carried on screeching about.  When the child reached the foot of the stairs, she abruptly stopped and said out loud, “Now then, Martha, no time for silliness!”, marched upstairs calmly, got the item, gave it to her mother then resumed her frenzied screeching.

The point of the CD and this story is that we can change our mood in a moment. When we find ourselves in a pattern of unhelpful thinking we can give that pattern a name – like, ‘Moaning Myrtle’ or ‘Jaw Gnasher’ – the sillier the better – and see this character centre stage, hogging the limelight and boring the pants off everybody.  Ask the character to leave the stage and replace it with a character more helpful to the situation – like, ‘Can Do Jo’, or ‘The Swan’.  The names are entirely personal.

I am not suggesting for a moment that this is suppressing problems.  It just gives a good coping mechanism in difficult times.

The CD can be bought from www.humangivens.com

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