Simple depression cure number 3.

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Vincent van Gogh.  Old man in sorrow.

Sometimes life can be quite awful.  Major stress is met in the form of divorce, illness,  redundancy, death, bankruptcy.  In such cases sleep is often impossible, no matter how early we go to bed.  And when we do sleep, we spend most of the time dreaming, so wake just as exhausted as when we went to bed. We get stuck in depression enduring dangerously high levels of stress.  Every thought is negative, any slight set back becomes a trauma.  The human givens school of therapy calls this a trance like state.  Click on the link to read more.

If at all possible, one way to break the pattern of thought or trance is to go away for a few days or so.  If money is part of the problem, then we only need go to stay with a friend or relation to keep costs down.  It is just that the change of scenery can help snap us out of a debilitating dark spot and enable the brain to once again become more balanced in its outlook.  No, it does not cure or solve the problem, but we are better able to deal with what matters and regain a more normal response to the usual ups and downs of life.  Life becomes merely blue again instead of indigo.

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