Six reasons to take L Glutamine.

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L-Glutamine could be called a non-essential, essential amino acid.  In good times, when we have no stress, no illness, are well rested, have excellent nutrition and no cravings, the body makes sufficient glutamine.  In normal times, glutamine stores get depleted and taking glutamine as a supplement has many benefits.  Glutamine can be found in foods, but cooking destroys it, hence the need to take it as a supplement.  It can be taken in water or with double cream and works best when swished about the mouth.  So here are 6 reasons for taking L Glutamine.

Cake! Give me cake!

  1. It conquers cravings for sweet things and alcohol.  It does this in two ways – the brain runs on either glucose or glutamine.  So when hungry and craving just one biscuit (as if) taking L glutamine will feed the brain and enable us to enjoy eating something that causes less trauma to the seams of our trousers – like a piece of cold meat.  The second way glutamine works is by increasing the happy neurotransmitter, GABA, in the brain and alcohol raises GABA levels.  So taking glutamine instead of just one glass (as if) of wine will overcome alcoholic cravings.  Trust me, I’ve done it.  It works.
  2. If suffering trauma, glutamine becomes essential.  So taking it having had a burn, post-surgery, after blood poisoning, or if diagnosed with cancer is extremely wise.
  3. Glutamine helps to keep us alkaline by helping the kidneys to excrete excess acid load.  Exercise dramatically increases the acid load on the body, so taking glutamine both before and especially after a workout will help maintain an alkaline state – and prevent cravings for sweet things from building up.
  4. Glutamine prevents muscle breakdown.  It is stored in the muscles, so when exercising, levels drop.  Taking glutamine keeps muscles strong and helps endurance.
  5. It is good for our guts. Glutamine is the preferred food of both the cells that absorb nutrients in the guts, and that line the walls of the colon.  So if suffering IBS or Chrons Disease, taking L Glutamine will help heal the guts.  Especially if it is taken with a high quality Aloe Vera.  Glutamine also increases the mucus lining the gut walls – an excellent thing – and discourages bad bacteria from attaching themselves to those walls.
  6. L Glutamine helps the immune system.  It feeds the white blood cells (hence why it is good post trauma).  If we get cold, the first thing to drop in the body is glutamine levels, so taking glutamine then will help avoid catching a cold.

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