Stand on one leg and shut your eyes balance – excellent for the brain.

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This video made me laugh.  Its great to see someone who dares look less than wonderful in this game.  Usually it is bulging muscles, pert bottoms, six packs and extreme earnestness.

OK.  Standing on one leg with eyes shut really isn’t as easy as it sounds.  If looking up makes your head spin, then don’t look up.  It isn’t doing you any good.  Just keep the head level.  If your head spins when you shut your eyes, no matter where your eyes are pointing, then you need to practice your balance so this improves.  Start with your eyes open.

OK, now assuming you gave it a go and it was absolutely dreadful, even with the head level, then make the exercise a bit easier.  Have both feet down, but one directly in front of the other, toes touching the front foot heel, shut the eyes etc.  When that has settled, try standing on one leg with the eyes open and looking up, if possible.  Then move on to eyes shut, one leg.  Don’t forget to do the other leg as well.  We normally pick the good leg first, so the other leg will be even more hilarious.

Our balance gets worse over the age of 40, but it does improve with practice.  So practice, practice, practice.

Wobbling about on one leg gives the brain a big stimulation.  It wakes up the lowest and oldest part of the brain, the cerebellum, and the cerebellum sends signals up through the brain to the front of it, which is where the master controller sits.  So stimulating the brain with a good wobble session is good for all parts of the brain, and as with everything, it is a case of use it or lose it.  And how easy can useful exercise be – no equipment, no change of clothing, no sweat. Lovely stuff.

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  1. Helena 2012-03-14

    well, erm, that went well!? Maybe a daily effort for a cerebellum work-out is on the cards! ha. The clip is even funnier once you’ve tried it yourself… 🙂


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