I have worked with Clare Harding for about 10 years now. She impressed me at once because she obviously gave a great deal of thought to what she does and tailors her programmes to individual client’s needs. Clare does not pull exercise regimens out of a recipe book but thinks about what you need for you to have the best health possible.

I have a serious chronic illness and have to take immunosuppresant drugs. One of these is glucorticoids (a sort of steroid which thins bones causing osteoporosis). Clare has built an exercise programme around preventing bone morbidity and muscle strengthening and helped me to integrate cardio into my own exercise outside our sessions. My illness is not the sort that gets cured but I would call myself healthy (when I am not relapsed) and my work with Clare has contributed significantly to this.

Year on year Clare has continued to develop herself and her work and strives all the time to improve and develop further what she has already achieved. Clare will take you seriously and listen to what you want. She will expect you work too… but you will improve and so will your health. Working with Clare is a long-term investment in being as fit as you can be.

I decided that I needed to see a personal trainer because I lacked the discipline to go the gym on a regular basis (and also found gyms very boring) and was conscious that I was getting a bit "baggy at the seams" (for fans of Bagpuss). I have now been seeing Clare for around 2 years and am certainly a lot more toned (and therefore less baggy) and I can honestly say that sessions with Clare are fun (although still hard work). More importantly, perhaps, I have developed a fitness habit. I now run every Sunday and am much more aware of what I eat. I am therefore optimistic that, as I head towards 45, I will be in much better shape than I was at 40!

Clare is a rare gem in the world of fitness training. Her knowledge and understanding of how the body works and how to continuously improve its performance is outstanding. I have worked with Clare on a weekly basis for over four years, through pregnancy, post operative and injury problems as well as for regular training. Clare tailored the exercise programmes beautifully to support and complement each situation. Clare’s nutritional expertise is an additional advantage as she will advise on how to enhance well-being and physical performance by refining one’s diet. Last but not least, Clare’s dynamism and humour means every session is highly entertaining and lots of fun.

Clare is, quite simply, inspirational.

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  1. Lisa 2015-05-31

    Clare has been instrumental in assisting me to reduce pain in my spine and put off surgery. Clare has the knowledge, motivation and respect for the individual. My overall health has improved due to working under Clare’s guidance. Last but not least she says it like it is, that works well for me.


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