What is a free radical and where do you find them?

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This short clip gives a simplified explanation of what a free radical is and how antioxidants work.

It covers some major causes of free-radical damage.  Sun damage is caused by burning, not from gaining a healthy suntan.  It mentions air pollution, showing industrial chimneys visibly pumping out noxious smoke.  However, don’t forget that what you can’t see is also highly toxic, eg exhaust fumes from cars and buses,  also as cars etc drive along, their tyres are slowly wearing out, and the particles from them are very nasty indeed.  Fumes all need detoxifying by the liver = petrol/diesel/air fresheners etc etc.  New Car Smell is highly toxic.  Click on the following link to find out more


When you get into your car, it is wise to open the windows for a few minutes as you drive off to clear the air of toxic build up, especially when it is hot.

Other sources of free radicals come from pesticides, plastics, burnt food, rancid vegetable oil -these are oils that have been exposed to air or too much heat in either their production or in cooking with them and  transfats/hydrogenated fats = margarines of various sorts.  Another source worth mentioning are many skin and hair care products – including suntan lotions(!).

It is also worth noting is that if the smell of diesel or cigarette smoke, or other people’s perfume is extremely wince making to you, then this is a sign that you have difficulty detoxifying these smells and quite possibly your liver is overloaded.


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